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Custom Inventory and Companion Sheets [Freebie]

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These are some optional custom sheets for most organized players and adventure parties!


  • Detailed Inventory Sheet

  • Equipped Gear Sheet

  • Properties and Debts Sheet

  • Companion Sheet

  • Travel Inventory Sheet for Adventuring Parties

Limited Time Offer

With Desolation of Time, you will unravel the mysteries of the desert. Venture forth with a massive adventure module coming with a rich storyline, expertly crafted gameplay, memorable characters and exploration elements like never seen before!


As a part of the same project, we proudly offer you the Book of Dead. A collection of brand new mechanics, subclasses, character customization options, additional 5E contents and a complete guide to death and decay!


Choose your allies and know your enemies!

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Live on Kickstarter

Desolation of Time: A Grim Adventure and Grimoire for 5E+

The Lands of Exile Returns! DoT, a grimdark adventure for daring players and Book of Dead, a complete guide to death and decay.

Bad Badger Games - Tabletop RPG & Board Game Studio

Succesful Project

Shadow Over Vansreik

A city based, conspiracy themed grim adventure and setting guide to the Lands of Exile for 5E+

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