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Dev Diary #2 - Adventure Begins!

Greetings Adventurers!

The Shadow Over Vansreik project is now in the pre-save stage (follow on Kickstarter). Our recently initiated marketing efforts are leading to the gradual growth of our small but fierce (just like a badger) community. This is undoubtedly a small step for humanity, but a massive leap for us!

The Road So Far

Since the last dev diary, we've managed to cover quite a distance. Our Instagram page is now up and running (you can take a look by clicking here), our content is continuously being developed, and perhaps the most exciting part is that we've started producing samples of our handmade accessories. Soon, you can expect to see some early development stage photos. Additionally, the design of our Kickstarter campaign page has been pretty much completed by our one and only wizard. And, to put it plainly, we're all charmed by it.

Bloodstone Infested - Monster Art
Bloodstone Infested - Monster Art

What Can You Do To Support Us?

As with all crowdfunding projects, you determine how many hit points we have, so to speak. Purchasing our products is undoubtedly the greatest support you can offer a creator. However, in addition to that, sharing our page with friends whom you think might enjoy our project, following our social media accounts, and providing feedback through these channels truly contribute a great deal to us. Your guidance, requests, and critiques are invaluable to us and hold immense importance. Rest assured, they help shape our direction and progress.

What’s Next?

Soon (not in elven terms, but genuinely soon), we will be able to provide you with a project launch date. Truth be told, we already have such a date, but we believe it's still too early to tell you due to potential changes. So, keep your window open for the messenger owls.

Once again, I leave you with a beautiful illustration. And if you haven't already, remember that our demo booklet is ready for you to download and explore. Wishing you all a great day!


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