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Dev Diary #3 - Launch Is Just Around The Corner

Greetings Adventurers!

Our excitement is through the roof. An air of pleasant tension fills the office as the anticipation of revealing our hard work to you grows stronger. And now, we're ready to make the announcement. We are excited to announce that our very first project set within the Lands of Exile universe, the Shadow Over Vansreik campaign, will launch on Kickstarter on 12 September!

We Have Physical Goodies!

As we reveal the launch date, we want to take the opportunity to talk about some of the tangible elements we haven't put on paper yet. While we're hard at work crafting the written content of our project (seemingly under the influence of the "haste" spell), our product team has completed the research for our physical products. An exquisite handcrafted dice set, complemented by a premium handmade pouch, will be offered to you. Additionally, a scroll case dice mat, also handmade, will be part of the project. Of course, our physical items don't stop there, but like everyone around the world, we have a soft spot for handmade things.

Cast “Scrying” On Us Please

I'm proud to announce that we've completed over a fifth of the content of our books and are progressing at a good pace. We've started sharing our progress, as well as content related to TTRPG hobbies(and many unrelated things) on our social media accounts. Those following our Instagram have already started glimpsing at lore pieces and illustrations. In the coming days, we'll be activating our Discord server and YouTube channel, and when our campaign launches, you can follow all of them. This way, you'll be updated on events, giveaways, meetups, and most importantly, for questions and suggestions.

See You Soon Badgers!

We're ready (almost). If you're ready too, we'll see you very soon on our Kickstarter project page. I won't leave you with a beautiful illustration to look at this time, because you'll be seeing dozens of them very soon! If you're not yet following our project on Kickstarter, you can click here to do so. This way, you won't miss out on the first 48-hour early bird deals and you can enjoy the free content as well. Wishing everyone good days, I'll bid farewell for now to have another cup of coffee and head back to nag our designer about our project video!


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