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Developer Diary #4: Here We Go Again!

Greetings adventurers!

It's been a while since you and I met in a developer diary. Our first project, Shadow Over Vansreik, covering two books, is completed! We stayed in touch during the project process through Kickstarter updates, but now it's time to fall back to our sacred homeland, I mean our website of course.

Road So Far

Infinite thanks to all the backers who supported our first project! The distribution of the digital editions of our books is complete, the physical editions are about to come out of print, and we're almost ready to start the shipping process. As Bad Badger Games, we are thrilled to have taken the first big step. We've also started to work on the Foundry VTT version of our books, and as promised, we'll have it completed and delivered by the end of spring or the beginning of summer.

Dune Chimera - Bad Badger Games
Dune Chimera

With the pre-order sales we conducted through BackerKit, we no longer have any hardcover books available. However, the digital versions can now be purchased here on our website. We hope that with the second print run, we will also begin hardcover sales soon.

What’s Next?

After leaving behind the dark alleys of Vansreik, we are now embarking on a journey to even more dangerous lands. In the south of Lands of Exile, a deadly and barren desert awaits us. Our new project, "Desolation of Time," will launch on Kickstarter very soon! You can follow our new project here to support us during this process and not miss the project launch.

We have started preparing a free demo booklet for "Desolation of Time," and you will be able to access it on our website soon. Along with the release of the demo booklet, we will begin sharing sneak peeks of our new project. By the time you read this, we should have revealed our book covers on our Instagram page. You can check them out by clicking here.

Finally, let me leave you with a fresh-from-the-oven illustration to enjoy. See you in the upcoming dev diary entries, on our Kickstarter page, and in the desolate ruins of a time-warped desert!


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