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Pandemonim Post 3: Baldur's Gate 3 and Critical Role

Welcome, dear readers, once again to my humble corner. Here, as ever your humble servant, I share the latest news from the TTRPG multiverse. I admit this week's article comes a little late, and for that, I blame my most recent addiction: Baldur’s Gate 3. It's been three weeks since I embarked on this journey, and the hours have piled up to a whopping 150. Remarkably, I've already finished the campaign twice and maintained the same enthusiasm as I did on day one.

In this week's article, my focus turns to Baldur’s Gate 3 and the delightful discoveries I've made during my playthrough.

Playing the game is an utterly marvelous experience, and I extend my congratulations to Larian Studios for bringing Forgotten Realms to life. The game's atmosphere is breathtaking, filled with intricate and immersive detail. Each NPC and every book encountered within the game paints a vivid picture of the massive world it inhabits. It's a seamless integration that aligns with the lore loved by fans of the Realms. Not once have I found myself thinking, “This doesn't belong” or “Such an occurrence would never transpire.” Evidently, the development team adhered to the books and source materials. I must confess, I had half-expected a cameo from Drizzt, yet I'm content with his absence.

Apologies for my tangent. I intended to discuss a narrative detail I recently unearthed within the game. To appreciate the weight of this revelation, allow me to first explain the connection between Critical Role and Larian Studios. The relationship between the two has been consistently amicable. Matthew Mercer promoted Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Game Master mode and the show benefited from multiple sponsorships by Larian. Moreover, Mercer voiced the character Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3.

With this foundation laid, I wish to share my speculations. I am inclined to believe that Larian's forthcoming game will unfold in Exandria. How did I arrive at this? Recently, while rewatching the Legend of Vox Machina with my sister, a particular arc caught my attention. In the very first act of their streamed campaign, Vox Machina found themselves up against an elderbrain controlled by a beholder that bore the crown of Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath. Upon completing the second arc of Baldur’s Gate 3, the narrative trajectory strikingly parallels Vox Machina's. This, I perceive, is a clever Easter egg for all the critters engaged in the game. I remain puzzled as to how Larian Studios managed to conceal this narrative resemblance from WOTC. Were it not for the amicable relationship shared between the two entities, I suspect a case of originality infringement would be at hand.

While I personally don't deem this circumstance a case of plagiarism, I acknowledge many game designers and writers who might hold a different view. Furthermore, I recognize that only a fraction of players will recognize this resemblance. In conclusion, I foresee a multitude of exciting prospects on the horizon. The notion of Critical Role and Larian Studios collaborating on a new project is enthralling, yet I'm equally wary of the uncanny similarities between the two aforementioned narratives.

Once again, thank you for delving into this week's edition of the Pandemonium Post. I extend my wishes for a splendid week ahead. May all your attack rolls be natural 20s.

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Kutay Avcı
Kutay Avcı
Sep 28, 2023

Great work here.

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