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Pandemonium Post #1 - Welcome to PP!

Welcome, dearest weary travelers, curious halflings, and those of you hiding in the shadows. Welcome to the very first post I am sharing on my humble little corner.

Though the future articles may sometimes deviate from what my intentions are for this corner, my main aim is to provide you with the news coming from the TTRP multiverse.

Here, being the kindest bard around our little town, I will discuss the latest developments within the industry, and finally, I will share my perspective on the latest TTRPG gossip.

Although my intentions are noble, know this, my fellow adventurers: I am no celestial, and my forked tongue certainly does not belong to any knightly order. I am by no means unbiased or filtered. I will always share with you my thoughts as they are, and I want you to feel free to comment and contact me about the articles that you read in this section.

As the initiation of our little cult comes to an end, I wish to, once again, welcome you all. Open your ears to the whispers that are carried by the wind, welcome all to the Pandemonium Post.

Next week on the Pandemonium Post: Black Flag Uprising.

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Emir Şahin
Emir Şahin
Sep 05, 2023

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