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Pandemonium Post 6: What Happened to DnD

Welcome back, my dearest readers, to my humble corner, where I share with you the latest TTRPG-related news. I’ve been quite busy detailing the Book of the Dead. While I was working, I stumbled upon an interview with Joe Manganiello. This particular interview was quite eye-opening for me since it confirmed most of my speculations about what was happening with WOTC and how Mike Mearls was ousted from the company.

In this forty-minute interview, Joe explains how WOTC lost its control and power over the industry by changing the leadership of the game and altering the entire narrative. When Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition came out, it became the greatest hit of the decade, thanks to the popularity of "Stranger Things" and the fortuitous addition of the pandemic, which spread the game to a community of 50 million players worldwide. This success was attributed to Mike Mearls and the team he led.

I believe that the company is still following the path that Mike set for them, and this can even be seen in the latest release, Vecna: Eve of Ruin. With every lore tidbit he shared and every official game he ran, he paved the way for this 50th-anniversary campaign.

Also, in this lengthy but informative interview, Joe explains how WOTC mishandled the situation with Dragonlance and ultimately ruined the upcoming Dragonlance series. I don't have enough insight into the inner workings of WOTC and the creative team, but from Joe’s words, I gather that the design and story team were responsible for the downfall of the Dragonlance Campaign, which in turn led to the cancellation of the TV show. I must admit, when the campaign was released before the official announcement of the TV show, I was shocked as well. I had envisioned the series as a great way to generate excitement within the community for the upcoming release, not the other way around.

I truly hope that one day we will be able to see the Dragonlance TV show on the screen because I believe that Joe had the right vision for the show, and I am certain that the plot stays true to the original material. However, I am not optimistic, and I believe that we won't see this show as long as WOTC is under Hasbro’s roof or as long as the company is led by the same ideology. I just hope that someday, another company, with Mike Mearls as part of its creative team, will acquire the rights to this game or to the Dragonlance IP and free it from this restrictive mindset and corrupt ideology.


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