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In the Mercenary System, you will find a list of 100 unique mercenaries with detailed backgrounds, stat blocks, characteristics and personalities. Some of them even have special side missions attached to them. They play the role of a quest giver, an ally or even an enemy in these quests. By utilizing the Mercenary System, you gain access not only to a ready-to-hire list of mercenaries but also a toolbox that enables you to establish and manage a mercenary guild and create detailed mercenary contracts. Also within the Mercenary Compendium sourcebook, nine prominent guilds, including those playing crucial roles in the Shadow Over Vansreik adventure module, are extensively introduced with their unique stories, secrets, and characteristics.

In Battlescar System, we have also enhanced the popular System Shock and Lingering Injuries mechanics, which we know are highly favored within the gaming community. When you sustain high levels of damage in combat, both immediate and long-lasting effects come into play until they are remedied. These effects apply not only to you but also to your adversaries. Our primary goal with the Battlescar System is to deepen the intricacies of combat without sacrificing fluidity and gameplay pace.

This system is designed to be used during character creation. Before embarking on your great adventure, you can choose a boon using the special tables. However, it's important to note that every boon comes with a burden. At this moment, you have a choice to either accept both the boon and the burden assigned to you by fate or give them up altogether.

Mercenary Compendium - Digital Edition

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