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Text-Based Kickstarter Campaign Access: Desolation of Time

Free D20 for Early Backers!


Everyone who backs a physical tier (Single Hardcover, Hardcover Bundle or Collector’s Box) in the first 48 hours, gets a free D20. This D20 is way bigger than a normal one (we call it chunky). 

We'll plant a tree for each physical tier backer who supports our project!


Drought is one of the biggest villains in our real-world adventure. Inspired by the theme of our own project, Desolation of Time, we wanted to do our part. The trees will be planted in a location in need of them, with the support of an esteemed foundation: One Tree Planted. We'll send each physical tier backer a certificate showing trees planted in their name.

Desolation of Time includes two adventure modules and a massive compendium of content for 5E by Bad Badger Games, a professional team consisting of members that have worked on many successful Kickstarter projects in the past, including Shadow Over Vansreik.


Explore the vast lore of the realm, fight against incomprehensible forces, challenge the dire threats such as the mighty Soulfang and add many standalone mechanics to all your 5E campaigns!


At a Glance


  • Two Massive Sourcebooks: Desolation of Time, includes two exploration focused grimdark adventures with innovative combat gameplay and deep lore. Book of Dead; an extensive grimoire of spells, rituals, character customisation options and 5E supplements.


  • New and Modular 5e Mechanics: Corruption System, for Game Masters who wish to bring a mechanic weight to narrative choices. Dark Rituals and Curses for deepening the dark and dangerous side of magic. Resurrection Ruleset and Survival Mechanics for enhancing the 5E experience!


  • 10+ New Subclasses: Authentic, balanced and homebrew friendly 5E content to spice up your character creation!


  • A Huge Bestiary: 50+ nightmarish monsters and enemies ready to wreak havoc!


  • Expanded Arsenal: New cursed magic items, powerful spells, immersive feats and backgrounds!


  • Gameplay Package: Maps, tokens, custom designed character sheets and other physical goodies!


  • Collector Accessories: Exclusive designer made GM screen, unique miniatures, handmade crystal dice set, exclusive dice pouch, cloth map, faction banners, posters, a premium collector box and more!


500+ Pages of Content!


The Sourcebooks


Desolation of Time


  • Wrath of Nature, A Wild 5E Adventure Full of Mystery and Horror for Characters of Levels 1 - 5

  • Desolation of Time, A Dark High-stakes 5E Adventure Focusing Exploration, Combat and Puzzles for Characters of Levels 5 - 9

  • A Huge Bestiary, 50+ Monsters and Adversaries

  • Exploration Encounters, A Deck of Encounters for Enriching Travel, Wilderness and Exploration Parts of Every Campaign

  • Survival Mechanics, Survival Elements Beyond Mundane Ones for Grimdark and Horror Themed Adventures

  • 250+ Pages of Content


Book of Dead


  • 10+ New Subclasses

  • 4+ New Lineage Options

  • Corruption System

  • Overhauled Resurrection Ruleset

  • Dark and Complex Rituals

  • Magic Items and New Spells

  • Curses and Cursed Magic Items

  • Theme Appropriate Feats and Backgrounds

  • 250+ Pages of Content


Additional Free Downloads


Each week during the Kickstarter campaign, we will release a new freebie snippet from the content of the book as preview material. Today you have our Demo Booklet (download from above). Revisit this page each Tuesday during the campaign to claim your next freebie!


Freebie #1 : Custom Inventory, Travel and Companion Sheets

Freebie #2 : A New Dark Ritual

Freebie #3 : A New Subclass Option for Barbarians

Freebie #4 : A Standalone One-shot Adventure


Reward Tiers

Single PDF


One PDF of Your Choice


Digital Library


Both PDFs & All Digital Assets


Single Hardcover Book & PDF


One Hardcover Book of You Choice & PDF Version of the Same Book


Hardcover Bundle & Digital Library & VTT Access


Both Hardcover Books, Digital Assets & Access to Foundry VTT Edition


Collector’s Edition Box

$229 $189

Collector’s Box Set & All Digital Assets & VTT Access





Our primary focus in crafting new subclasses lies in two essential aspects: ensuring compatibility with the distinct setting and enriching gameplay variety they introduce. 


Our key objective is to empower you to incorporate these subclasses into your individual games, regardless of whether you are a player creating a fresh character or a game master seeking to provide more options to your players.




  • College of Laments Bard

  • Circle of Herd Druid

  • Bone Knight Fighter

  • Oath of Sacrifice Paladin

  • Mirageblade Ranger

  • Fer’ekh Patron Warlock

  • Order of Antiquarians Wizard


And some more! Check our Stretch Goals section!



In this world, magic is dreadful and incomprehensible, and those who can perform powerful spells should be rare. Magic should affect not only the physical world but also the minds and souls of people. In the Lands of Exile, magic is a feared phenomenon, attempted to be controlled, and carries severe consequences if anything goes wrong.  A mage’s power comes not from might but from control.


To reflect this mysterious, dark, and unstable aspect of magic, we have designed terrifying new spells. Among our 30+ new spells, we made sure there are options for every spell level(including cantrips)  and every single spellcasting class.



One of the most fundamental elements of tabletop role-playing games is the enemies. Creatures designed with impressive lore and creative mechanics pique curiosity like puzzles unto themselves. Therefore, we've created over 50 new enemies for Game Masters looking to bring innovation to combat. These enemies will particularly appeal to players who enjoy eldritch horror, body horror, and dark fantasy genres. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the themes of these monsters reflect the terrifying power of nature and the melancholy of death, in line with the themes of our adventure modules. We have no doubt that you'll experience memorable battles, as we've been having nightmares about the design process ourselves.



Exploration and wilderness travel are fundamental elements of tabletop role-playing games, much like role-playing and combat. However, 5E does not have perfect systems in this regard. Experienced Game Masters do their best to make boring travel sequences enjoyable, but there are many factors within 5E that complicate their work. In our view, an enjoyable experience in tabletop role-playing games almost always arises from two emotions: Challenge and curiosity.


Journey and survival mechanics quickly cease to be a challenge even for low-level adventurers. This is because adventurers with supernatural powers need supernatural wilderness dangers. That's precisely why we've prepared Exploration Encounters and Survival Mechanics. 


The system we've developed, similar to what we did with the City Event Deck before, will provide players with many unique events and quest hooks. It will also introduce new dangers, both magical and mundane, for landscapes harboring supernatural threats.



Dark knowledge and vile deeds often serve as shortcuts to power. However, every choice comes with a cost. What is risked for power, success, or survival, even if not immediately, eventually comes back to haunt you. Some bargains are so cursed that merely contemplating being a part of the negotiation brings one closer to corruption and decay.


Tabletop role-playing games are no strangers to devil contracts, dark alliances, games of fate, and crimes committed against the natural order. We have all shaken hands with a mysterious fiend during game sessions (yes warlock, I am talking about you). However, many of these moments and choices do not carry mechanical consequences; they remain purely narrative. We don't see a problem with this, but the idea of examining the mechanical consequences of someone compromising their soul, straying into dark paths, or simply resisting temptation to follow a righteous path intrigued us. That's why we developed the Corruption System for 5E. Feel free to examine our demo booklet for more information!



We believe that high stakes are crucial for compelling stories. Yet, this poses a significant challenge for 5E. At the levels where the game's mechanics settle and gameplay becomes exciting, a cleric in the party has likely already learned the ways to bring characters back from death. While there are limitations such as the necessary materials for spells and the need to retrieve the body, we don't think these are sufficient restrictions. We believe the solution lies not just in making resurrection rituals more challenging but in adding possibilities that could unfold beyond the players' control, making death a feared reality as it is in real life. And before bringing someone back from the dead, one should think twice.


Resurrection rituals are complex, costly, and risky endeavors. They should be performed by skilled individuals, and even then, success is not guaranteed. Moreover, each time someone returns from death, the process becomes more dangerous, chaotic, and treacherous. 



Fantasy genre often features dark and mysterious rituals, which are frequently employed by the story's antagonists to advance the plot and sometimes take center stage in the adventure. Translating this essence faithfully into tabletop role-playing games has always been challenging, primarily due to the balance issues arising from making these rituals accessible to players. Systems often keep such rituals purely on a narrative level to avoid complications.


In Book of Dead, alongside binding and summoning rituals, we've included extensive and long-lasting curses. These complex, time-consuming, and potent spells are designed to be performed by both enemies and players. We aimed for these rituals to come with heavy costs, presenting dire risks but offering high rewards. Many of these rituals require rare materials and the participation of multiple casters. Some can only be performed in specific places at specific times. Inspect our free demo booklet for samples.



Magical items are important elements in tabletop role-playing games. In our book, we have added over thirty magical items that you can use both in our adventure modules and in your own homebrew games.


Additionally, we have a comprehensive section on cursed items and how to create them. This content, which will be useful for every Game Master, will add depth to your games. Sometimes, great power comes with great troubles.


Stretch Goals


2 New Subclasses



3 Thematic Familiars



10th Level Eartbreaking Spells



A New Dungeon: Fireburrows


Adventure Sneak Peek

Wrath of Nature

An Unprovoked Aggression

The balance between nature and civilization has always been a delicate subject. Druids, who live away from society, are reclusive, reserved, and mysterious. They always possess an understanding and agenda that surpasses the everyday politics of the realm. To many, these ancient beings may seem terrifying. They are not known for their compassion or mercy. Their actions are swift and definitive, especially when the delicate balance is disrupted. Attacks from druids, who are truly neutral to every conflict, have perplexed the minds of imperial sovereigns and elven lords. Diseases, poisoned water sources, metal rusting at an unnatural pace and powerful vines shaking the foundations of cities... What is the reason behind these actions of the druids? It is essential to unravel this mystery.

A Restless Dawn

Especially in the southern Imperial provinces and the Da'fat lands on the other side of the Silver Bridge, the forests have come alive. Wild K'rean guardians are awakening everywhere, the trees are filled with rage, many droom are opening their eyes to this world with unheard numbers, respected elder druids are silent or missing... Viridia priests are helpless in the face of decaying harvests and drying rivers... Season transitions are harsh, and nature trades its grace with anger like a wounded animal. For those who listen to the sound of the wind, days of trouble have begun.

An Unexpected Journey

Those without fey blood coursing through their veins cannot enter the lands of Da'fat. Due to ancient enchantments, they cannot find their way and inevitably get lost. However, if a druid blesses these travelers, the paths open up to them, albeit not forever. Adventurers must enter these dangerous forests at the most inopportune time. Cruel and treacherous paths await them, pray to Viridia, they need all the help they can get.

Desolation of Time

A Forgotten Menace

Beyond the strange distortions of time, behind the sand dunes in the desert, a horror with a forgotten name roams. This evil, which corrodes and destroys everything it touches, seeks to extend itself to the lands of the living to the north. It must be stopped at all costs. However, the desert is merciless and twisted in ways that the human mind cannot comprehend. Time jumps, mind-bending distortions, truly indistinguishable illusions, and the lack of essential resources challenge the brave souls who must face it.

An Ancient Secret

The disaster that has forced all living beings into exile and migration is known by everyone. From children to priests, everyone has heard something according to their knowledge. However, knowing the name "desolation" is not the same as truly understanding what it is. To comprehend the shame of the gods, the wisdom of ancient times, and the darkest day in the history of Teneris, one must go south. Only the most determined ones reach these secrets, and even a glimpse behind the curtain changes the heart forever. This secret awaits you.

A Vile Conspiracy 

Beneath the sands of the desert, grand temples lie hidden. These ancient structures, built to suppress the power of the Dark One and protect Teneris with all its inhabitants, harbor a hidden power. The locations where the buildings were constructed were chosen to form a protective seal when they all came together. However, after millennia under the influence of desolation, like everything else in the desert, these structures have deteriorated and become corrupted. Now, someone is awakening them once again. This ancient ritual built as a shield is now directed like a dagger to the heart of the land. The awakening must be stopped, and whoever is the architect of this insidious plan must be silenced forever.


Some of Our Inspirations


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Dragon Age: Origins

The Spook’s Apprentice

A Game of Thrones


Over The Garden Wall



And Lovecraftian Stories


Our Approach to Storytelling


According to us, storytelling is a field that gains meaning through the medium. The resources available to the creator differ in a novel, a movie, or a game, and the channels through which the audience interacts with the story change as well. Therefore, we believe that settings, atmosphere, realism, and the immersive feeling they evoke are just as important as characters or quest sequences. In TTRPG games, sometimes the inventory of a blacksmith, a broken statue in the city square, or the attire of a mercenary can convey a story more effectively than half a page of text. In short, we value evocative settings, deep and extensive lore, intriguing and well-written characters, and indispensable environmental storytelling that makes it all feel real…


Who is This Book For


While our goal is to reach all TTRPG enthusiasts in general, DoT is a module with a realistic and dark tone. We aim to bring together those who miss old-school adventures, those seeking a realistic tone inspired by our love for history, and fans of the grimdark genre, providing them with a product that will keep them entertained for a long time. Moreover, one of our most important objectives is to create entirely compatible content that can add diversity to your own games.


The Future of the LoE


Desolation of Time is our second project set in the Lands of Exile universe. Our first project, consisting of two books, was successful thanks to you, and it's currently being used to challenge players in many tables. We have no intention of stopping now. There are many more places to explore and stories to tell in the Land of Exile!


Free Updates for The Future


As we work on the development of this project, as you know, new playtest materials and edition updates for 5E continue to be released. As there may still be changes on that front, for now, we are proceeding with the rule sets we know and love. However, please know that we are closely monitoring industry developments in real-time. If necessary, any required updates will be shared with our audience as free PDFs to keep them informed and up to date.




We are working with BackerKit for our pledge manager, collection of shipping fees, and promotion. We don’t charge shipping through the Kickstarter platform; the fees will be calculated through BackerKit once backer surveys have been sent and dimensions/weights have been confirmed with the stretch goals.


Once the campaign is completed, we will approach you for your shipping address, and collection of fees through BackerKit. Below you will find our estimated shipping costs. Be aware that due to global inflation, the numbers below are estimates only.


Rewards and Add-Ons


Hardcover Books

$108 ($54 Each)


Our books are printed on one of the biggest printing houses in Europe. We use premium materials and the best machinery this industry can provide. Also we will be present at the side and monitor every step of the production process. The books will be printed on the top quality heavy paper, with a hardcover using premium stitching, and comes with a silky ribbon.



$52 ($26 Each)


The PDF will be sent bookmarked, and ready to play! If any updates are needed in the future for typos, gameplay balance or new features, you will receive the updated version, completely free of charge!


GM Screen



A designer-made premium GM Screen consisting of 4 panels, with the front side decorated with custom artwork. The backside features the useful GM cheat sheet for 5E, along with the reference rules for our many new game mechanics.


Mirage Crystal Dice Set



We have handmade custom dice sets that fit perfectly to the theme of our adventure! They will be present in each box set or you can purchase them separately. Cast in the exotic crystal dice form, a perfect item for true dice goblins and collectors!


Defiler Miniature (Huge)



As you can see, this miniature is quite special. Without giving away any spoilers, as you can tell from the cover of the book, you'll need this miniature at a very crucial point in the adventure. As always, when you purchase the miniature, STL file will also be included. (It'll come in handy for reprinting if your players have a meltdown and break the figure.)


Scarab Rider Miniature (Large)



This character will be a constant pain in the neck to the players throughout the adventure. That's precisely why we wanted it to look cool and be annoying at the same time. We'll be printing the figures using high-quality 3D resin so they can carry their own charisma without collapsing.


Gameplay Package



A cloth map of the desert, exploration encounters deck,  corruption and exploration tokens, handmade token pouch, posters, stickers and a decorative forgotten faction banner will be present in this package. Gameplay package will be included in the collector’s box set.


Foundry VTT Editions



We feel like we should create an option for those who prefer playing tabletop role-playing games online. To help Game Masters who prefer this approach, we are also preparing a Foundry VTT version filled with stat blocks, maps, tokens, and digital handouts.


Collector’s Box



 All of these will be housed within a premium Collector's Box, featuring the hourglass and sundial as design elements. This is the ultimate edition of Desolation of Time!


Shadow Over Vansreik and Mercenary Compendium

$49 Each For Hardcovers, $29 Each For PDFs


If you missed our first campaign because of a terrible curse, don’t panic! You can purchase Shadow Over Vansreik and Mercenary Compendium as add-ons through BackerKit. 




  • How can I purchase add-ons?

Once we launch the BackerKit Pledge Manager soon after the project closes, you'll be able to customize your order there.


  • When will digital rewards be fulfilled? How long will I need to wait?

Digital rewards will be fulfilled to backers as soon as possible. You will NOT need to wait to receive them when the physical books ship.

  • Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.


  • Do you use AI in your art?

No. We don’t use AI generated images in our finished work.


  • Will the Defiler and Scarab rider minis be available as STL files?

Yes, if you purchase the physical minis you will also get their STL file.


  • Will DoT still be compatible with future editions of D&D?

Yes. All content created for DoT will be forward-compatible with future versions of D&D.


  • How many players are needed for DoT?

Desolation of Time is a challenging adventure module with sandbox gameplay. But you should be fine with 3+ players.


  • What are the advantages of being an early backer?

We give a 35 mm BIG size d20 to all of our early bird physical backers as a gift! Also there is a discount for the Collector's Box of course. In addition to all that, there will be one more extra designer-made patch and bunch of extra posters in the early bird Collector's Boxes.


  • What should I do if I get caught red-handed while performing a world-ending dark ritual from Book of Dead ?

This situation appears to be user error. In this case, we can't help you. Frankly, you seem to have brought this upon yourself.

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