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Text-Based Kickstarter Campaign Access: Shadow Over Vansreik

Shadow Over Vansreik is a campaign setting and adventure module for 5E by Bad Badger Games, a professional team consisting of members that has worked on many successful Kickstarter projects in the past. 


The first release in the Lands of Exile universe features a grim and gritty adventure taking place in the City of Vansreik. The LoE was born nine years ago in a home game played among friends, and since then, it has been flourished by numerous different gaming groups. A YouTube series based on LoE, which has been published in Turkey, has garnered tens of thousands views. And now, for the first time, not one but two sourcebooks will be published in English, introducing the world of LoE to a wider audience.


Explore the vast lore of the realm, fight against incomprehensible forces, endure the arcane threats such as the bloodstone plague and add many standalone mechanics to all your 5E campaigns!


At a Glance


  • Two Massive Sourcebooks: Shadow Over Vansreik, a massive city based, conspiracy themed adventure module and setting guide for the Lands of Exile. Mercenary Compendium, A grandiose collection of mercenaries, mercenary guilds and new systems!


  • New and Modular 5e Mechanics: Mercenary System; for regulating contracts, service fees, possible complications and building your own mercenary factions. Boons and Burdens tables for added character customisation. Battle Scars System for system shock, lingering injuries and veterancy rewards!


  • A New 5e Class: Chain Wardens are ready to defend the very fabric of reality from voidborn monsters, with 3 unique subclasses!


  • 8+ New Subclasses: Authentic, balanced and homebrew friendly 5e content to spice up your character creation!


  • A Huge Bestiary: 50+ new monsters and enemies ready to destroy everything and everyone in their path!


  • Expanded Arsenal: New eldritch magic items, powerful spells, immersive feats and backgrounds!


  • Gameplay Package: Maps, Tokens, Custom designed character sheets and other physical goodies!


  • Collector Accessories: Exclusive designer - made GM screen, exclusive dice pouch, cloth map, faction banners, posters, a premium collector box and more!



Shadow Over Vansreik

  • Shadow Over Vansreik Adventure Module (1 - 8 Levels)

  • A Starter Setting Guide for the Lands of Exile

  • A New Class: Chain Warden

  • 8+ New Subclasses

  • 5+ New Lineage Options

  • 50+ Monsters and Adversaries

  • New Spells and Magic Items

  • New Feats and Backgrounds

  • A Modular and Massive City Events Table 

  • 250+ Pages of Content


Mercenary Compendium

  • 100 Unique Mercenaries with Backstories and Quest Hooks

  • 9 Peculiar Mercenary Guilds

  • Mercenary System, Everything You Need for Mercenary Work

  • Battle Scars System for System Shock, Lingering Injuries and Veterancy Rewards

  • Boons and Burdens Tables

  • Expended Firearms Ruleset

  • New Weapon Types Like Bill Hook, Bardiche and Bodkin Arrows

  • Theme Appropriate Feats and Backgrounds

  • 250+ Pages of Content


Reward Tiers

Single PDF


One PDF of Your Choice


Digital Library


Both PDFs & All Digital Assets


Single Hardcover Book & PDF


One Hardcover Book of You Choice & PDF Version of the Same Book


Hardcover Bundle & Digital Library & VTT Access


Both Hardcover Books, Digital Assets & Access to Foundry VTT Edition


Collector’s Edition Box

$229 $189 (Early Bird Deal)

Collector’s Box Set & All Digital Assets & VTT Access






The Chain Warden is a class that melds its close combat prowess with mystical attributes. Depending on their chosen subclass, they may serve as eyes, pursuing extraterrestrial and unfathomable dangers, or as swords, slaying the mind-shattering threats that would drive others to madness, or even as unyielding shields, denying the enemy even a single step forward with their impervious defenses.


The Chain Warden does not use magic in the traditional sense. Instead, they draw their power from the fabric of the universe through special “edicts”. Depending on their subclass choice, specialized training, and the specific eldritch threats they aim to defeat, they have a wide range of customization options. They can choose to fight alone or alongside a team of linked warriors, depending on the edicts they select. The Chain Warden is a class with versatile abilities and customization opportunities.


United like souls bound in chains, Chain Wardens wield an exceptional authority beyond the rules of mortals and gods alike. Banish not one without banishing all, and revive not one without reviving all.


Their chains are forged in the cold forge of moonlight for countless years, swearing allegiance to only one Chain Warden. More than a weapon, they become an extension of the chain-bearer's self. Master the chain, bind the darkness, and never yield, no matter the odds! For as long as not a single link is weak, the chain shall never break!




Our primary focus in crafting new subclasses lies in two essential aspects: ensuring compatibility with the distinct setting and enriching gameplay variety they introduce. It's crucial to note that despite "Shadow Over Vansreik" being a hard and challenging adventure module, these subclasses were not designed to make your journey easier.


Another key objective was to empower you to incorporate these subclasses into your individual games, regardless of whether you are a player creating a fresh character or a game master seeking to provide more options to your players.




  • Path of The Whistle Barbarian

  • College of Etiquette Bard

  • Commerce Domain Cleric

  • Circle of Fraza Druid

  • Imperial Legionary Fighter

  • Oath of the Palanthor Paladin

  • Saboteur Rogue

  • Bloodstone Magic Sorcerer


And some more! Check our Stretch Goals section!



According to us, magic is dreadful and incomprehensible, and those who can perform powerful spells should be rare. Magic should affect not only the physical world but also the minds and souls of people. In the Lands of Exile, magic is a feared phenomenon, attempted to be controlled, and carries severe consequences if anything goes wrong.  A mage’s strength comes not from power but from control.


To reflect this mysterious, dark, and uncontrollable aspect of magic, we have designed new spells. Among our 30+ new spells, we made sure there are options for every spell level(including cantrips)  and every single spellcasting class.




Enemies are one of the most memorable elements of a tabletop role-playing game. We have created our own troublesome enemies while maintaining our dark atmosphere. Tired of facing the same old zombies? How about confronting the Bloodstone Infested? I'm sure you've encountered angels multiple times, but have you ever faced the Sinful Angel?


We have developed over fifty new enemies spread across various challenge ratings that will bring innovation to your gaming table. To enhance your gaming experience further, we aim to provide you with plenty of lore text and beautiful arts beyond just the stat blocks, allowing you to use them in your own games.




Big cities always have their own stories. Regardless of any small or big events happening to adventurers, these cities should contain unique developments and incidents every single day. No one wants the city they created to appear like an interlude where time moves forward only when players step on stage.


Numerous small and large events such as discounts in shops, public executions in the city square, a noble wedding or a riot against new taxes  occur every day. Some of these events serve only to enhance the atmosphere, while others may become the starting point of quests with the details we provide.


Wouldn't it be perfect if someone created a massive City Events section, printed it as a deck, and you could draw a few of them from that deck every game night, either randomly or by choice? We think it would be great. That's why we made it!




Your players may often play as mercenaries in tabletop role-playing games. And in many cases, they may also wish to hire the services of these sell-swords even if they are not playing as them. After all, if they are taking on missions for coin, why shouldn't others do the same? While improvising the fees for services during the game may seem relatively easy, we believe that such contracts require careful consideration. Every mercenary is different, some use magic, some can heal, some are excellent trackers therefore their fee varies.


In the Mercenary System, you will find a list of 100 unique mercenaries with detailed backgrounds, stat blocks, characteristics and personalities. Some of them even have special side missions attached to them. They play the role of a quest giver, an ally or even an enemy in these quests. By utilizing the Mercenary System, you gain access not only to a ready-to-hire list of mercenaries but also a toolbox that enables you to establish and manage a mercenary guild and create detailed mercenary contracts. Also within the Mercenary Compendium sourcebook, nine prominent guilds, including those playing crucial roles in the Shadow Over Vansreik adventure module, are extensively introduced with their unique stories, secrets, and characteristics.




Every adventurer is bound to sustain injuries during their journey. Indeed, we are well aware that there is no wound that a long rest cannot heal (literally). And magical mending can easily whisk away the scars of battle. However, driven by a desire for a more realistic experience and recognizing that wounds carry their own stories, we have created the Battlescar System. If you endure powerful blows in combat—which you undoubtedly will, should you embark upon our story module—you will acquire different scars depending on the type of damage inflicted upon you. Should you choose not to heal or be unable to do so, carrying these scars for a significant period bestows upon you certain social and character traits. In certain special circumstances, these mechanical advantages may even transform into combat benefits, or if the source of injury is a magical attack, they may manifest as magical effects.


In Battlescar System, we have also enhanced the popular System Shock and Lingering Injuries mechanics, which we know are highly favored within the gaming community. When you sustain high levels of damage in combat, both immediate and long-lasting effects come into play until they are remedied. These effects apply not only to you but also to your adversaries. Our primary goal with the Battlescar System is to deepen the intricacies of combat without sacrificing fluidity and gameplay pace.




Introducing "Boons and Burdens," a fresh and complementary tool for character customization. With this system, you can enhance the reflection of a character's past in the game. Every character goes through successes and failures from birth until they become an adventurer. When encountering unique and unusual memories, they can have permanent or temporary effects.


This system is designed to be used during character creation. Before embarking on your great adventure, you can choose a boon using the special tables. However, it's important to note that every boon comes with a burden. At this moment, you have a choice to either accept both the boon and the burden assigned to you by fate or give them up altogether.


Stretch Goals


Way of The Inner Sun Monk and Oakenhearth Ranger



Custom Character Sheet Design for Each Subclass



Banker Patron Warlock and School of Dririmancy Wizard



Siege Weapons Addition To Firearms Ruleset



A New Questline: Whispers In The Mist



Expanded Locations: Rorak Peaks



Expanded Locations: Lakeside Tower



Full Soundtrack Suite



Standalone One-shot: Ballad of the Keymaker


Adventure Sneak Peek


A Den of Snakes

In the southwestern edge of the Empire, near the Free Ports and the southern D'afat lands, lies an ancient crater. According to scholars, it was formed by the impact of a meteor, while the Church of Alarath attributes it to the clash between the archangel Shamyhaza and a colossal demon. Within this crater exists the city of Vansreik, a place both marvelous and terrifying, glamouring and glooming, brimming with opportunities yet fraught with challenges. Below the city's surface rests an ancient necropolis, obliterated during the cataclysm that sculpted the crater, while at its center, there is a deep and ominous pit that extends into unfathomable depths. For centuries, the allure of the "Deep Pit" has beckoned to the most ambitious, courageous, and cunning individuals in the realm.


A City That Belongs To No One

Vansreik is a city governed by noble and longstanding families from the Westreach, but its subjects are the residents of the Bluelands. This city, trapped between two provinces, does not fall directly under the jurisdiction of any Sovereign. Furthermore, the peculiarities do not end there. Entry and exit into the crater are tightly controlled. No foreigner is admitted inside unless they have a valid and important reason. Working in this city, which is the dream of mercenaries, is an opportunity in itself. Those who descend into the pit either never return or attain unimaginable power and wealth.


A Perilous Conflict

The elven rebels fight in the surrounding forests that stretch from the crater, striving to reclaim their ancient rights for purposes that humans can never comprehend. Mercenary guilds, authorized only by the noble families from the Westreach, undermine each other's efforts for the simple "tickets," mission orders that grant entry into the Deep Pit. Amidst the shadows, there exists a hidden struggle between the Inquisition and the newly established wizard tower with its aspiring students. The spark of a fire that will engulf everything is dangerously close.


A Time of Opportunity

In this city, opportunities await those who dare to climb the ranks, take sides in the city's conflicts, and carve out a bloody path for themselves. For those who wield the pen as skillfully as the sword, exercise patience as much as action, and embrace fear as much as courage, the possibilities are endless. This city, this boiling cauldron, beckons you to join the terrifying struggle that will etch its name in history.


A Mysterious Villain

Our story begins with a series of murders that intensify the existing tensions within the city. A magical artifact dealer with a lifespan far beyond that of a human, a young and ambitious priest rapidly climbing the ranks of clergy, and a mysterious leader of a mercenary guild with an insatiable desire for more – all play their parts in the escalating darkness that engulfs Vansreik. There are rumors about a strange cult thriving in the shadows. Darkness is often destructive, but never purposeless. Not everyone can be innocent. 


This city does not need heroes, this city needs professionals. This city needs you…


Some of Our Inspirations


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Dragon Age: Origins

The Spook’s Apprentice

A Game of Thrones

Prince of Thorns


And Lovecraftian Stories

Our Approach to Storytelling


According to us, storytelling is a field that gains meaning through the medium. The resources available to the creator differ in a novel, a movie, or a game, and the channels through which the audience interacts with the story change as well. Therefore, we believe that settings, atmosphere, realism, and the immersive feeling they evoke are just as important as characters or quest sequences. In TTRPG games, sometimes the inventory of a blacksmith, a broken statue in the city square, or the attire of a mercenary can convey a story more effectively than half a page of text. In short, we value evocative settings, deep and extensive lore, intriguing and well-written characters, and indispensable environmental storytelling that makes it all feel real…

Who is This Book For


While our goal is to reach all TTRPG enthusiasts in general, SoV is a module with a realistic and dark tone. We aim to bring together those who miss old-school adventures, those seeking a realistic tone inspired by our love for history, and fans of the grimdark genre, providing them with a product that will keep them entertained for a long time. Moreover, one of our most important objectives is to create entirely compatible content that can add diversity to your own games.

The Future of the Lands of Exile


We certainly don’t want this to be a one shot! Our primary goal is to share every corner of this universe that we love and have experienced in both private and published games for a decade. Vansreik is a vast city, but it's just the beginning - a new continent inspired by the colonial era, unexplored deserts, freezing tundras, marble streets of the capital, a grand yellow sea, port cities of west all await you! And don't even get me started on the adventures waiting beneath the surface…


Compatibility With Black Flag and Other Systems


We all know about the recent events that have taken place concerning the OGL and thankfully ended up benefiting the community. Therefore, in order to keep our audience wide, establish our stance on this matter, and demonstrate our belief in the unifying power of this hobby, we will particularly focus on compatibility with systems like Black Flag in our finished product. Ensuring full compatibility with such systems will be a priority for us.


Free Updates for The Future


As we work on the development of this project, as you know, new playtest materials and edition updates for 5E continue to be released. As there may still be changes on that front, for now, we are proceeding with the rule sets we know and love. However, please know that we are closely monitoring industry developments in real-time. If necessary, any required updates will be shared with our audience as free PDFs to keep them informed and up to date.


Rewards and Add-Ons


Hardcover Books

$98 ($49 Each)


Our books are printed on one of the biggest printing houses in Europe. We use premium materials and the best machinery this industry can provide. Also we will be present at the side and monitor every step of the production process. The books will be printed on the top quality heavy paper, with a hardcover using premium stitching, and comes with a silky ribbon.



$48 ($24 Each)


The PDF will be sent bookmarked, and ready to play! If any updates are needed in the future for typos, gameplay balance or new features, you will receive the updated version, completely free of charge!


Gameplay Package



A fabric map of the city, extensive city events deck,  a handcrafted scroll case dice mat and a decorative faction banner will be present in this package. Gameplay package will be included in the collector’s box set.


GM Screen



A designer-made premium GM Screen consisting of 4 panels, with the front side decorated with custom artwork. The backside features the useful GM cheat sheet for 5E, along with the reference rules for our many new game mechanics.


Bloodstone Dice Set



We have handmade custom dice sets that fit perfectly to the theme of our adventure! They will be present in each box set or you can purchase them separately. All of our dice sets come with a handmade dice pouch. Cast in the traditional dice form with the exception of d4, and have the SoV logo in place of number 20. So, you will know where you are when you crit!


Chain Warden Miniature



We are sure that you have lots of miniatures. But do you have one fitting a Chain Warden? Don’t worry, we got it for you.


Collector’s Box



 All of these will be housed within a premium Collector's Box, featuring the chains and key as design elements. There are hidden easter eggs in this peculiar design itself!


About Us


"Bad Badger Games" emerged as the result of a long journey. Around 10 years ago, with the intention of spending a good night at a friend's house, Fatih quickly created a small town called “Blue Grove” for a one-shot adventure for his friends. That small town turned into a universe that would last for years, forming a small but invaluable community in Turkey through youtube series and eventually transforming into this project. At this very hour, with the contributions of many people, our ever-expanding universe found its chance to come to life as our team members, who were already working in the gaming industry, came together for an epic quest!


We are thrilled to share this journey with you as a team that has managed to keep the passion for tabletop role-playing games and board games alive for years! In the past, we used to print handouts and even burn their edges to create a certain atmosphere. However, now we have a strong production network in place, and the days of giving each other rides to the gaming table have been replaced by a reliable shipping network.

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