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The Ritual of Crimson Cedars, A One-Shot Adventure For 5E [Freebie]

11 Pages

A group of scholars conducting research in the elven forests cannot be reached for some time. The Da'fat authorities in the region seem indifferent to the situation, leaving it to the adventurers to investigate what is happening in the depths of the forest.

Corrupted druids driven by anger, greedy wizards chasing magical mysteries, and six researchers who suddenly vanished into thin air. It is all up to you to reveal the truth.

Limited Time Offer

With Desolation of Time, you will unravel the mysteries of the desert. Venture forth with a massive adventure module coming with a rich storyline, expertly crafted gameplay, memorable characters and exploration elements like never seen before!


As a part of the same project, we proudly offer you the Book of Dead. A collection of brand new mechanics, subclasses, character customization options, additional 5E contents and a complete guide to death and decay!


Choose your allies and know your enemies!

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Live on Kickstarter

Desolation of Time: A Grim Adventure and Grimoire for 5E+

The Lands of Exile Returns! DoT, a grimdark adventure for daring players and Book of Dead, a complete guide to death and decay.

Bad Badger Games - Tabletop RPG & Board Game Studio

Succesful Project

Shadow Over Vansreik

A city based, conspiracy themed grim adventure and setting guide to the Lands of Exile for 5E+

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